Fueling Your Boat Has Never Been Easier

Boundary Creek's card lock fueling system will provide boat owners with the convenience of purchasing fuel any time they want. Ever needed fuel, but it was too windy all day to go to the pump, then in the evening, when the wind died, found the marina pumps closed?

"We know we can't staff the marina all day and all night, so this will provide our customers with fuel service when they need it."

The system is very easy to use. Apply for your Boundary Creek Marina Convenience Card and PIN number, then just display your card to the card reader, enter your PIN number, follow the instructions, fill your boat with fuel and take your receipt. Each Tuesday, your purchases will be totaled and charged to your credit card.

You may reconcile your fuel receipts with your monthly credit card statement. For safety, no one can use your Boundary Creek Convenience Card without the PIN number. Keep both in a safe place.

Boat fueling regulations will be posted at the fuel dock for your safety, your cooperation will be appreciated.



Before Fueling

  • No vessel shall be docked at the fueling dock except to take on fuel.
  • Vessels docked at the fueling dock to take on fuel shall not be left unattended and shall be removed immediately upon completion of refueling.
  • All passengers and crew must disembark until fueling operations are complete.
  • All engines, electricity, open flames and heat sources must be shut down during refueling.
  • Smoking and open flames are prohibited within fifty (50) feet of the fueling station.
  • Close all fittings and openings that could allow fuel vapours to enter the enclosed spaces of the vessel.

During Fueling

  • Portable fuel tank(s) must be out of the boat, on the dock to fill
  • Maintain fuel nozzle contact with fill pipe
  • Wipe up spills immediately
  • Fill tanks slowly and avoid overfilling
  • Fuel filling nozzle must be attended at all times

After Fueling

  • Turn the fueling pump off and take your receipt from the control panel. This will ensure your transaction is complete and closed out.
  • Inspect bilges for leaks and fuel odors. Do you smell gas in the    engine compartment?
  • Ventilate with engine space blower not less than 4 minutes before   starting engine(s).

Take note where these items are located

  • Fire extinguisher equipment
  • Spill control prevention kit
  • Spill control directions